Project Management 101

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Operational work is NOT a Project !

On-going operational work is not unique and do not have a definite begin and an end. This is in direct contrast to the definition of a PROJECT.

Some examples of on-going operational work:
  • selecting suitable candidate from job applications
  • assembly line production work
  • underwriting insurance cases
  • replying to emails in a support or call centre setting
  • service counter staffs serving customers day in day out

Notice that on-going operational work produce similar products, i.e. cars and household products in a manufacturing environment.

It is easy to define what is and what is not a project, but there may be grey areas where it may be difficult to distinguish a project from an on-going operation.

Many of today's management philosophies, advocate managing work in manageable chunks, facilitating performance measurements that ties to the bottomline of the organization.

We will talk about how a project team can be organised for success in the next segment of PM 101.


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